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Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Funny thing happened on our way to the Earth cache.......

  Sitting here typing this post, with my feet propped up on the Fourth of July weekend.  Propped up, not because it's a long weekend, where loved ones gather to celebrate our freedom.....but due to injury.  I guess I should start at the beginning, because this is such a ME story, lol...

  Since plans for a family picnic fell through, we decided to take a three hour day trip adventure to a small, but happening place.....East Tawas. The days plans were to geocache, spend some time in town, grab a bite to eat and play a game of golf at Hubie's Wondergolf.  Sounds like a dream!  The weather is beautiful, and despite a few hiccups in traffic, we made it up north.  Our first stop was to AuGras, a town about 18 miles south of Tawas, where there was a quaint quit shop and our first cache.
My dear hubby, our son and myself with the cache

It didn't take too long for my dear hubby to locate the cache and we took some time to retreat into the quilt shop to enjoy some much needed air conditioning (it was in the 90's yesterday). After a brief respite, we continued our trek into Tawas. 

  The next cache was a fun challenge near Tawas Bay, just off Lake Huron, near the town's Chamber of Commerce.  This was a bit more of a task, as we had to navigate several large rocks, with out falling.  After some time, and creative positioning, I was able to find the cache.  We were excited, not only to find another cache, but this one came with a free surprise from the Commerce--what's not to love about that?!?  Tawas Bay is also an amazingly beautiful spot, where several sailboats could be seen, and a blissful breeze came off the lake.  We took in the sights, enjoying every last possible moment, than went to claim our prize.  What did we get? Why, free coffee from the Village Chocolatier in town! Now, I know that drinking hot coffee in 90 degree weather does not sound like a refreshing thing, but the coffee WAS free, and was quite tasty.  It really did make the weather a bit more tolerable, and again, it's free (not too many place do that anymore).  We took in the sights of downtown East Tawas and roamed the whimsical shops along the way.....there really is a little something for everyone in the downtown area. 
   So we've only got one more cache to find, an Earth cache out on Tawas Point, inside Tawas State Park.  As mentioned in an earlier blog, an Earth cache takes you to a location, where you are to answer different questions about a particular spot.  Take some pictures, and forward the information to  Sounds easy enough, and I love the area near the Tawas lighthouse.  We made it to the area just as a storm was coming in.  We kicked off our shoes and waded in the cool refreshing water.  Just as we were beginning to grab the info we needed, I decided to climb on a fallen log that was just less than ankle deep in the water.  Now remember, I am bare footing this thing.... well it started off well, until I found a slippery area on the trunk and slipped off. 
  Okay, I didn't just slip off, I scrapped the tip of my big left toe nail all the way down.  Trying to be the tough girl, I just tried to shake it off...."I'm fine, I'm fine..." as I try to regain some composure (and a little self respect). While trying to get out of the water, it dawns on me that my toe is bleeding.  NO problem, I'm in water, I'll just let it soak for a bit, than I'll be fine right?  The toe was bleeding a whole lot more that just a "flesh wound" and I needed to staunch the bleeding right there so I could make the little over a 1/2 mile hike back to the car.  With no medical supplies (mental note for our backpack now), we wrapped the toe with my sock and tied it tight with one of Jeremy's shoelaces.....what a guy!  Most of our party assisted me back to the car, while Jere and his sister, Elisa, made their way to finish the Earth cache.

posing with my geocaching medical field officer, Michele, and the rest of the fam.

  I am happy to say that I have survived the injury, although I'm pretty sure the toe nail is going to be toast.  We got the toe cleaned and wrapped appropriately, while Jere's sister's, Elisa and Lorna went into town to find a pair of flip flops---cause there was NO WAY I was getting my tennis shoe back on.  We had a great time, once the Tylenol kicked in, and was able to have an amazing dinner at Mr. Jack'ss, followed by our game at Hubie's---a tradition from my in-laws family trips.

Elisa's impression of Happy Gilmore, "the price is wrong, Bob!"

  Needless to say, this really was a Robyn moment ( you know it's bad when the Pharmacist from the local pharmacy chuckled).  What can I say?!? Geocaching with me is NEVER a dull moment, lol.  So, I'm sitting here with my feet propped up, not because it's a long weekend, but due to injury.

What's the lesson?!? Always where protection while navigating wet wood!

Happy Caching!


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  1. I thought the lesson here was never let your nephew near your favorite flp flops? So confused!